Chairman’s Welcome

It is my privilege to be the Chairman of the Chatham Dining Club. While the Club’s initial purpose, when it was founded in 1910, by former Staff College students was to continue the outside lectures and discussions they had enjoyed at College, it has for many years embraced a much wider membership to include anyone who is interested in world affairs beyond their work and special interests – typical subjects discussed include politics, international affairs, military matters, economics and finance, and the arts – with many of our distinguished speakers choosing their own topics.

No less a secondary purpose to the discussion is the fact that this is a Dining Club for which we aim to create a friendly environment with good food, wine and company, allowing many opportunities for those present to network both inside and outside their own particular sphere of interest. Our meetings are relatively small gatherings, the informality of which may be gauged by the willingness of the speakers to present their views frankly, knowing that they will not be quoted outside the meeting.

Our membership is very broad and is open to anyone expressing an interest who can be introduced by two existing members.

The Club successfully reached its centenary in 2010 and is still going strong. It is looking forward to a future of further fine dining and enlightenment on many topical issues.

Major General Jamie Balfour C.B.E. D.L.